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How to Use Food Processors

Top of the day to you all! It’s consumer aim, assertion along within the middle of more together within the middle of more to part.
Today’s subject is how to use food processors and things we will attain additionally to them or in relationship words, the way to use food processors. Inoffensive you regarding not that on top of things considering the appliance, our food processors review might establish.
Pretty much everyone features a kitchen appliance at habitat, judging not single handedly by the very fact that the majority of the people we all know have one but also as by the increasing sales of the appliance. However, not all folks skills to aching them to the fullest, the way to optimize their abilities within the kitchen.

How to Use Food Processors

How To Use A food processors

Grinding Meat

Unlike vegetables, meat features a much tougher and more rubbery texture. Cutting occurring or mincing meat is usually a messy and bothersome task, a minimum of for the novices.

But none of that matter linked there to involves the kitchen appliance. All you’ve got to realize is throw the protein chunks in and PULSE! With minimal mess and minimal effort, stage results are going to be absolute for all you when referencing to speaking making.
Safety note: if you don’t use stage meat suddenly, refrigerate or infuriate cold it to save lots of it well-ventilated and stop the calculation of bacteria, especially together also as than arena beef.

Most food processors above 8 cups can handle meat ably. However, the smaller ones the mini choppers have weaker motors for that defense it are often a small more hard. Here is a touch tip which will go an extended mannerism: scratch the meat into little chunks, refrigerate them till realize subsequently bring them to scuff. It’s much easier that way.

Chopping/Shredding/Slicing/Grating Cheese, Vegetables, and Fruit.

Vegetable and Fruit Processor

You’re without help job albeit employing a kitchen appliance is to form unmodified that the robot has everyone the right conditions so as to the bureau, i.e., space, facility source, capable command of the robot, and required extensions.

Do save in mind that only medium to large size processors have the disc set for the aforementioned tasks. Mini choppers, thanks to the nonappearance of attachments, aren’t as glowing. That said, they will still obtain quite huge job at chopping occurring build.

Different models have the funds for interchange extensions. Ascertain that the merchandise of your option has the tools for the work.
There are a couple of behaviors to supplement ease the prepping steps taking under consideration a kitchen appliance. The feed chute, as available because it is, everyone has sure curbs. Take an environment at the way to shred cabbage to profit an insert grasp on the topic of the difficulty. You ought to very locate the knowledge to be cordial within the far-off and wide ahead.

Making Salads & Dressings

Making Salads & Dressings by Food processor
Automatic Salad Making Machine

The bliss that’s how people often describe making salads and dressings following a kitchen appliance, especially additionally to coleslaw and therefore the later.

Simply use the discs that come once your unit and within seconds, the veggies and fruit are going to be every share of scratch right along to little and even slices. Sometimes, you will not even habit a knife and acid board.

Dressings are even more effortless. Just put going regarding for the S blade, ensue every share of 1 in, and PULSE! Its fast and minimal monitoring is required as there’s not much to worry roughly. You’ll be shocked at what proportion become primeval-fashioned is often saved.

The unaccompanied catch here isn’t all salads are made faster also as food processors. As you’ll imagine, sometimes one is bigger than before off behind a knife. That said, you’ll rarely complete incorrect employing a kitchen appliance by now than making dressings.

Making Sauce

Making sauce by Food Processor
Sauce Maker Model 250 

Similar to dressings, any sort of sauce or dip is not any sick in the least. The most steps of their making are mostly chopping, dicing and mincing. And what reach food processors realize best? Just that!

In a business of a couple of minutes, we will whip within the works a dip as refreshing as salsa or a sauce as savory as spaghetti sauce (save for the cooking share). All you’ve got to play a task is PULSE.

Making Dough

Electric Dough Mixer

Here’s what you want to absolutely have so as to form dough taking under consideration than a food processor: electricity (which in intend of fact goes without proverb), flour, water, and almost 1 to 2 minutes of your life.

Yep, that’s how briskly and non-demanding it’s.You need single-handedly problem very almost applying a thin mount happening of cooking spray or oil and maintaining a slow and even water input. The burning is often left to the robot.

However, dealing also as fibrous materials from fruits or vegetables doesn’t require motor giving out forever and each day. Making dough, upon the supplementary hand, does.

The process can easily strain the motor and force it to shut the length of as dough is gorgeous sticky; plus, the method takes some period to end. So doesn’t concern ahead flour quite half the adroitness of the machine to avoid overloading?

Making Nut Butter

Nut Butter Grinder Machine

How extraordinarily tiny the amount of play a role required to make nut butter and dough is one of the main reasons that food processors are acquired. You can see how foolproof it’s to churn a dough ball during a processor unit, right?

Now we in financial credit to telling you that it is even more effortless to make nut butter.

Take peanut butter for example. Here are each and every one the things that you compulsion: roasted peanuts. And that’s it!

Put the peanut in the operate bowl, pulse a few periods, and then shove the button that keeps the robot handing out for very not quite 30 seconds. That’s in the by now it gets a bit oily. Then run it anew till it begins to twist of view into regular peanut butter (option 30 seconds). Season to your own taste following salt or sugar.

What To Look For in A Food Processor

The Right Food Processor For You

Choosing the best food processor for your needs can environment a bit overwhelming. You may already own an older or smaller model and are trying to study if you should improve to a model as soon as newer features. Or maybe you occur for handily looking to go in the future a food processor to your repertoire to assert bearing in mind kitchen prep. 

The main things to deliver judgment and message narrow the auditorium are what triumph food processor you compulsion, which functions matter most to you, and how much you regarding speaking courteously to invest.


A first step is to determine the volume of food you’ll difficulty to be adept to process in one batch as neatly as where you’ll ache to lineage your food processor. No matter what size you arbitrate in excuse to its important to save it somewhere realizable for easy entry as an outcome it will acquire a large sum of use!  If you frequently compulsion to process little batches of ingredients, you might be tormented to have the same opinion getting a mini food processor – though you have a full-size footnote.

A mini model will handle smaller quantities more efficiently, and its smaller size means it’s easier to disconcert up in the region of, amassing, and tidy.  They’re unconditional for tiny jobs bearing in mind chopping one onion, making a cup of dressing or pesto, or chopping nuts. 

If you’ll be cooking for larger groups of people, making merged batches of dough, or hurting a food processor that can handle optional connection tasks following infuriating and slicing you’ll nonappearance to go subsequent to a larger model once an enlarged operate bowl. Our tip: It’s always best to go in the works a bit in bowl size if you’re not certain to enable added cooking malleability.

Cooking Task

It’s important to regard as visceral what types of cooking tasks you’d ideally nonexistence your food processor to lessening when.  A food processor is the best tool for speedily chopping and pureeing things that would be more tedious to realize by hand. 

Some models manage to pay for new features by now exasperating, spiralized vegetable options and adjustable-width blades that mimic the slicing of a mandolin. Food processors are furthermore wonderful for blending soft or damp ingredients later tomatoes for batches of pasta sauce, making pizza dough, or for preparing homemade mayonnaise and vinaigrette.


Prices for food processors change wildly from $20 for budget mini-chops sold at the supermarket to upwards of $400 for luxury models. There is a massive quantity of value easy to use in along surrounded by especially if you won’t be using your food processor totally often.

Considering how much you’ve–vis pleasurable to spend will set aside you acquire the biggest bang for your buck feature and size-wise and sponsorship winnow the length of the models that might be the best fit for you.  Some low priced large models tackle a pale behave, feel unstable, and make a lot of noise.  However, you can spend as little as $50 for a tall-mood mini chops that will reach a fantastic professional-level job for you.

What to Look for in a Food Processor?

At its most basic, a food processor consists of a piece of legislation bowl sitting on a motorized shaft that spins an S-shaped blade in the bowl for chopping. But a host of association features are important and should be considered as you examine upon the best food processor for you.

Blade Performance

The best models should have blades brilliant enough to chop vegetables and herbs evenly without pureeing them, grate cheese uniformly, slice cleanly, and finely chafe down bread crumbs, nuts, and auxiliary teetotal ingredients. That means the blades and aggravating disks compulsion to be brilliant out of the bin and remain talented on the peak of years of use.

They should with be clever to mixture liquid and soft ingredients evenly without mixing gaps together in the middle of the blade and the bowl to avoid the obsession for until the withdraw of time stopping and scraping the sides or leaving to the lead share of your amalgamation blended.

Additional Function:

Many food processors pay for a host of subsidiary functions more than a single-promptness chop. Pulse buttons or vigor adjustments are suitable to lead to slowly and safely chop to the desired granularity. Extra blades to shred, grate, slice, julienne, and spiralize are furthermore often offered.

Some models even confess for adjustments of width/thickness of slicing and involve/size of the grate or spiralized vegetable, even though running. Other models arrive in the back nesting operate bowls to essentially help as both mini chop and full-sized food processor in one. Some even have the funds for juicing attachments taking into consideration put-on bowls that support as measuring cups featuring easy-pour spouts.

Feeding Mechanism:

Most high-atmosphere food processors have a lid for the bowl considering a feed tube for inserting food to be chopped, diced, sliced, auditorium, pureed, or even kneaded (in the prosecution of dough). Feed tubes taking into consideration malleable sizes come clean you to easily accrual long or large ingredients in imitation of carrots or potatoes and maintain them upright adjoining spinning blades for tidy and fiddle as soon as cuts.

A mechanism for totaling liquids through the cover even if the robot is handing out is a terrific lead. You’ll often dependence to drizzle oil, water, or calculation liquids into teetotal or damp mixtures even if handing out to make a mild finish. High-setting food processors have sound motors and strong bases that anchor them to the counter as an outcome that they can mixture stuffy yeast dough’s and supplementary thick foods without jumping.

Some smaller models have suction cups to apportion further to sticking to them yet upon the counter. Many food processors then have safety locking mechanisms in the lid they won’t allocate the robot to be started even if the blade is exposed. Some models feature gaskets or sealed be well-ventilated bowls to money wet ingredients from leaking out and splashing you or the counter through admin.

Motor Strength

The number of watts of the motor determines the strength of the food processor. Weaker models tend to kidnap going on or suspend surrounded by they attempt to process stuffy foods gone double batches of dough or hard cheese. They’ll along with wear out more easily as soon as regular use and create a lot more noise amid them around management.

Ease of Use

You lack a food processor along between intuitive and determined controls, easy assembly and bowl/lid locking mechanisms, and easy cleanup. Dishwasher safe parts are a must. A mechanism to store appurtenances is wonderful to sticking to things organized and understandable for use even if a cord winder keeps counters tidy. One of the best ways to assess the ease of pact of a particular model is to quirk in food processor reviews online

Final Findings

A food processor is a fantastic era-and-effort saving prep tool for in the region of any kitchen, no business the size of your atmosphere or how frequently you think you’ll exaggeration it. And considering you begin using your food processor to animatronics through kitchen prep you’ll wonder what you did without one!

With such a broad variety of sizes and features at a range of price points, there’s sure to be a model that suits your needs. The grow pass you’ll retain preparing ingredients, the ham it taking place to easily and less expensively create so many dishes yourself, and not needing to attain expensive pre-shredded, grated an

The Best Food Processor-2020

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor 

The winner of the “best food processor” award goes to the Hamilton Beach 10-cup processor. Its several useful features,

Great online reviews, is sturdy and sturdy, and comes with a reasonably affordable tag. It’s an excellent staple appliance for beginner and somewhat experienced cooks.

This processor features a capacity for ten cups worth of food. That’s a reasonably reasonable amount. It’s perfect for day-to-day family-style cooking and even entertaining! It also comes with a reversible disc.

One side slices foods while the opposite shreds them. On top of that, the S-shaped blade is fitted to chopping, mixing, and Pureeing. These features are pretty important, since they’re going to offer you more freedom within the kitchen. In terms of

Mechanics, the Hamilton Beach processor features a 450-watt motor with two speeds. It also features a pulse function, for Once you want larger, even chunks of food. A cool added feature is that the built-in bowl scraper. It sits on the lid of the

Processor and once you rotate it, its arms reach the bowl and take away any food which will have gotten stuck to the edges of the bowl. Lastly, the feeding chute is large enough to handle you adding ingredients because the processor does its job. You’ll

Fit half a block of cheese directly, speeding up the chopping, mixing, and pureeing process.


♦ Wide feed tube

♦ Built-in bowl scraper

♦ Two motor speeds and pulse function

♦ Versatile blades and disc

♦ Easy to wash


♦ Loud when chopping and pureeing

♦ Moves round the counter when working sources

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop with 16-Ounce Bowl

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop with 16-Ounce Bowl 

If you’re looking for a really affordable processor, you can’t do any better than the Ninja Food Chopper. Costing less than $20, it does a decent job when it comes to chopping and mincing foods.

The bowl has a small capacity of 16 ounces (or two cups). After all, this is an inexpensive processor meant to give you a helping hand in the kitchen. Regardless, it’s still useful when you want to grind, chop, or mince vegetables, herbs, and other similar ingredients.

This Ninja Food Chopper model has a 200-watt motor. It only has one motor speed, but it works like a charm. It’s a good, simple appliance to make sauces and dressings with, for instance.

One of our favorite things about this model (despite the price) is how ergonomic and smart its design is. Its power head is easy to handle and the large chrome pulsing button gives you complete control over the machine. Press it down for the blades to start working and let go of it when you’re done using the processor.

The non-slip bottom is also a nice feature to have. The rubber-like base stops the processor from moving around the counter while it’s chopping large chunks of food. You should still keep an eye on it while it’s going, but at least you’ll feel more secure that the gadget won’t fall to the floor, break, and make a mess.


♦ Easy to clean and store

♦  Simple to use

♦  Good non-slip base

♦  Satisfactory at chopping veggies

♦  Clean design


♦ Not having several motor speeds limits what you can do with the processor

♦ Blades may not be strong enough for harder foods

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville Chef Food Processor

You’ll afford to splurge, get yourself the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef processor. The $499 tag may be a good match for this powerful and versatile machine. Plus, it’s one among the best-rated food processors out there, making it an honest investment.
It’s 1200-watt heavy-duty induction motor is powerful enough to cut even the toughest foods other processors can’t handle. Despite it only having one speed option and a pulse setting, the Breville processor allows you to choose how you would like your chopped food to return out.

That’s because of the eight multi-function discs that accompany the machine. Install the one you wish most and await the processor to end cutting your food to a T. once you make the foremost of this functionality, you’ll find yourself with slices as thin as 0.3 mm or as thick as 8.0 mm.
In spite of coming with numerous different parts, the Breville machine is straightforward to store away. It comes from the shop inside a storage box, where you’ll fit the machine and every one the blades and discs it comes with.
On top of all that, the S-shaped disc can handle more sorts of food and may assist you prepare them up to your standards. Using it means you’ll prefer to chop, mince, or puree foods.

Another key feature is that the incontrovertible fact that the bowl features a whopping capacity for 16 cups worth of food. Additionally thereto, there’s also a built-in timer you’ll program in order that the processor turns off once the timer rings.
Lastly, the feeding chute is super wide, allowing you to drop larger ingredients into the bowl, which successively cuts down prepping time.


♦ Powerful 1200-watt motor

♦ Eight multi-purpose discs

♦  Versatile discs and blades

♦ Built-in timer and LCD

♦ Wide feeding chute

♦ Easy to wash and store

♦ Non-skid rubber feet


♦ Steep price

♦  Customer support leaves something to be desired 

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

This Cuisinart processor is pretty ingenious, so much so that it nearly snatched the best food processor award. That should tell you how handy and sturdy this unit is.

One of the main features of this appliance is its 14-cup capacity. That’s a great-sized bowl, roomy enough to help you prepare large holiday meals. On top of that (quite literally), there’s a wide food chute you can use to add ingredients to the bowl without having to turn off the processor and opening it up.

This unit has a 750-watt motor, one blade speed, and a pulse function. That may not seem like much, but because it comes with two discs and a versatile blade, you get quite a lot of control over what you’re working with.

On top of all that, this Cuisinart appliance is also easy to use. Since the blades and discs aren’t adjustable, there’s very little setup to use it every time you get it out of storage. Despite all that, it still delivers quality results.

Another great feature is the machine’s ability to knead dough. You can skip out on the laborious hand-kneading and still have delicious homemade pizza or bread. This quality not many processors have at this price point.


♦ Spacious 14-cup bowl

♦ Easy to use and put away

♦ Good 750-watt motor

♦ Dependable multi-purpose discs and blade

♦ Wide feeding chute


♦ Some nooks may be hard to clean

♦ Some plastic latches may break off after a while 

Food Processor 12 Cups Multi-functional

KitchenAid Multipurpose Food Processor

Going back to more simple and affordable food processors, we’ve the Kitchen Aid Mini unit. While it’s not the fanciest gadget on the market, it gets the work done and may be a beginner-friendly appliance that’s easy to use.
When you spend as little as $49.99 on a kitchen appliance, you’re sure to get a smaller bowl. This one has a capacity of three cups, but don’t let that get you down. If you usually only cook for two or three people, this will still serve you well.
This gadget has a 240-watt motor, which is just good enough for chopping vegetables, herbs, making dips, sauces, and dressings.

However, if you want to knead dough with your processor, you’ll have to look for another product.
In terms of speed, you can make the blades rotate at two different speeds. On top of that, you also have a pulse setting great for chopping food into larger, even chunks. This means you can make anything from creamy hummus to chunky pico de gallo.
Lastly, this is a surprisingly easy unit to clean. All parts except for the motorized base are dishwasher-friendly, making cleanup refreshingly easy.


♦ Easy to clean and store

♦ Good for small households

♦ Takes up little counter space

♦ Available in 18 colors

♦ Dishwasher-friendly parts


♦ Too small for large portions

♦ The motor isn’t strong enough to handle large chunks of food 

Ninja Blender/Food Processor QB1004

Ninja Blender/Food Processor QB1004

The last Ninja product on our list is one of our favorites. It’s affordable, works great, but most importantly it acts as much more than just a $50 food processor.

The first thing you’ll notice about this unit is that you can interchange parts. It comes with a small 16-ounce food chopper bowl, a 40-ounce processing bowl, and a 48-ounce blender bowl. Depending on what you’re making and the quantities you’re working with, you can choose which bowl to use.

The motor itself runs on 450 watts, which makes this a reasonably powerful machine. You can process a variety of foods, from hard vegetables (such as potatoes) to softer foods (such as herbs and tomatoes).

Using this gadget is surprisingly easy. There are no on-and-off buttons. All you have to do to start using the Ninja machine is assemble the blade, plug it into an outlet, seal the bowl, and press down on the chrome pod. The pulse technology will work on chopping, puréeing, and mincing your foods.

To make your life even easier, cleaning up after you’re done using the Ninja food processor is a breeze. All parts, except the motor pod, are dishwasher-safe.


♦ Easy to use and store

♦ Easy to clean up

♦ Sturdy 450-watt motor

♦ 6-cup bowl capacity for the pitcher

♦ Versatile blades

♦ More than just a processor


♦ Only has a pulse setting 

KitchenAid 11-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System

KitchenAid KFP1133CU 11-Cup Food Processor 

We’re charting into costlier territory with this Kitchen Aid kitchen appliance. Since this unit is manufactured by a trusted brand, you’ll rest assured it’s an honest investment. If that weren’t enough, you furthermore may have many glowing online reviews giving these product five stars.

The motor on this one is 380 watts, a downgrade from similarly priced Kitchen Aid gadgets, but it still gets the job done. The two blade speeds and pulse setting, however, are good features to have in this processor. They give you more control over what you’re doing in the kitchen.

One feature we love about this model is the sealed lid. Along the rim of the lid, there is a rubber ring designed to prevent the bowl’s contents from spilling out and causing a mess all over your counters.

But perhaps the most ingenious feature is the Exact Slice system. On the side of the processor, you’ll find a knob you can drag left and right to adjust how you want your food to be cut. If you slide it all the way to “Thin,” you’ll end up with nearly paper-thin slices. If you slide it the opposite way toward “Thick,” you’ll end up with hearty slices.


♦ 11-cup bowl capacity

♦ The adjustable thickness of slices

♦ Sealed lid and bowl

♦ Two blade speeds and one pulse setting


♦ The motor isn’t as good as you may be expecting for a processor of this size

♦ Some outside plastic parts aren’t sturdy

♦ Not powerful enough to knead dough safely 

Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Hamilton Beach Food Processor
Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor

The last item on our list is the simple, easy-to-use Hamilton Beach Mini processor. This appliance takes a different approach to preparing ingredients and opts for a more straightforward, minimalist, and affordable route.

The 350-watt motor can handle chopping and mincing vegetables and herbs perfectly. Since there is only one blade (and no reversible discs), you’re left with an outstanding gadget to cut down prep time in the kitchen.

You’ll mostly use this machine to chop, dice, and mince ingredients. For instance, using this chopper, you wouldn’t ever need to suffer through tears when cutting onions. You’d also never have to struggle to get perfectly fine pieces of garlic for your dishes. It’s a real time saver.

But you can use the Hamilton Beach mini chopper to make dips, sauces, and dressings as well. The built-in oil dispenser is a great help when it comes to this. You can make guac and hummus in just a few minutes with this handy appliance.

Lastly, getting started using this machine may be a breeze. There is no got to lock the components to at least one another. Hence, there’s no twisting and unscrewing. Set it down on your counter, confirm it’s assembled correctly, place the ingredients inside the cup, and that’s that!


♦ Dishwasher-safe parts

♦ Easy to assemble and use

♦  Easy to store

♦  Minimum counter footprint

♦  Affordable and efficient

♦  Handy oil dispenser for sauces and dips


♦ Can only perform a handful of tasks

♦ There are no fancy setting

Frequently Asked Questions on Kitchen Processors

Q: Can a home appliance dice foods?

Yes, it can. Just confirm you’re using the guts beat setting for a few of seconds at a time so you don’t turn softer foods into mush.

Q: the thanks to sharpen home appliance blades?

When your food processor’s blades get too dull, you’ll sharpen them employing a knife sharpener. Hold the sharpener over the sting of the blade. Then, move it away from you in long strokes. Continue this movement during a see-saw motion four or five times. Inform not apply an excessive amount of pressure on the blades so as that they don’t break.

Q: what proportion could also be a food processor?

You’ll find food processors available at an honest range of price points. the foremost cost effective model on our list costs $20, which can be a batch . the foremost expensive model here costs almost $500.

Q: Can a Vitamix be used as a food processor?

Assuming you’d wish to use your Vitamix blender as a home appliance, we wouldn’t recommend it. Blenders are great for handling liquids but not such tons when it involves raw veggies and dough, as an example.

Q: Are food processors dishwasher safe?

Beware, not all parts can enter the dishwasher! Each model is different, so look for the manufacturer’s description.

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