How to Use Blender for Smoothies

Shortly this fabulous appliance will be your best friend. After a few experiments, you’ll wonder what you can’t make back this impinge on. And all you get is press a button and go. See Step 1 knocked out to profit started making beautiful much all. After reading this article you will learn how to use a Blender also latest buying guide for 2020 which help to the choice the right blender for you.

01. Make certain the blender is plugged in, tidy, and in vigorous condition:

 You can beautiful much eyeballs this one — if it looks next it’s in confirmed condition, it’s probably safe to use. Be sure to have abstemious hands, damp hands is a safety hazard when and electric appliance.

02. Put your ingredients inside:

We’ll lid the things you can put inside in the adjacent section, but for now just know that it all goes in there, beautiful much however you throbbing. It’s an innocent idea to profit a tiny liquid stuffy the bottom to acquire anything going — instead, the hermetically sealed stuff doesn’t move concerning every easily.

If you ‘in this area blending ice, you’ll pretentiousness a tiny bit of liquid to get it going. The ice floats in water, letting the blades gaining their business. No water and the ice will just wedge itself in opposition to the sides, slowly melting. Don’t put boiling items in a blender it can shatter.

03. Close the lid and maintenance the cover tightly:

 That tiny hat that comes off? That’s the feeder cap. You can depart your blender going, remove the feeder cap, and ensure in a few more (albeit little) things if you’d consider. But subsidiary than that, it’s best to depart the cover as regards speaking — or else you might decrease going on back blender goo almost your walls.

If it doesn’t begin, make determined the bottom of the blender is placed securely in the base. If the base and the blender aren’t meeting just therefore, it can’t make the relationship to foundation whizzing and whirring.

04. Blend:

Try experimenting following the buttons. Choose a takeover promptness atmosphere depending in a bank account to what you are blending. Generally speaking, the supplement you ensue the right, the far afield along with the rapidity. Never put a spoon or new utensil in the blender though it is running, be deferential your blender is turned off in front you use any utensil to toss around.

Chop, grate, scratch, union, merger, merger up, puree, whip, and liquefy — don’t affect too much nearly these. You can’t, in fact, use any “incorrectly.” If it isn’t the consistency you throb it to be, want future promptness. If that doesn’t act, cease the blender, admit off the cover, merger it occurring, and begin taking into consideration anew.

05. Open it going on and pour it out:

 If you’ as regards over and ended between that is. You may dependence to scrape out the bottom or undo the blades to understand it all out of there, especially if it’s thick. That’s it!

06. Clean the blender:

 Then remove the blender from the base and wash the two parts separately. Just run the summit asleep hot water following a tiny soap; the blades are sore for that gloss be cautious not to scratch yourself.

Never, ever, ever put the base in water! If you accede it gunky, endure a wet cloth or sponge to it. It’s hard to forcefulness it — and water (or any subsidiary liquid) is, in reality, the on your own habit.

Be final to sober the blender every single one, you don’t twinge to leave liquid in the blender, its best to mood temperate upside the length of.

What you should consider before buying a Blender

First, think about what you plan to blend mostly. If you’re normally blending soft products, like boiled vegetables, and fruits (with no ice), then a moderately priced blender will do.

If you need to blend heavier and harder products, like ice and nuts, then you need to go to a more robust machine (which will be more expensive), but will give you the desired results.

You may even want a machine that spins so fast, it can actually cook the products it’s blending (soup-mode), and at the end of your blending session, you have a real and delicious soup!

Having said that, now you must do research to decide which machine will make the most sense for you, while of course tempering your decision with your budget.

Without a doubt, you can go to Best Buy or another offline store that sells small appliances, but I find that salespeople in these stores aren’t always up to snuff. So, in my opinion, a better place to start would be online.

There are numerous small appliance websites and resources available. You can usually order online, and things get delivered to your door in record time now. Due to the competitive nature of online shopping, you can usually get the best deal by shopping online.

01.Consider the Size First

Blenders can modify in size from 3 to 14 cups. It’s important to pick the right one. If storage flavours a situation, it might be an enjoyable idea to pick a compact, single-minister to a blender. For anyone who likes to meal prep to the leader often cooks for an outfit of associates or connections might be a suitable idea to restructure to a larger size. Think About Speed and Power, Too

Not all household needs a feature-accurately-off blender easily reached but the powerful machine can sometimes be the best. However, blenders can be used for surprisingly mysterious tasks bearing in mind grinding meat, making nut butter and crushing ice.


Look for blenders furthermore than together surrounded by 3 and 10 eagerness settings. Less than three won’t have the funds for your satisfactory rule, and greater than 10 settings aren’t necessary. Having a pulse button is valuable, even though! Look for Special Attachments

I live in a little apartment in Dhaka; therefore I don’t have much room to spare. It helps subsequent to I can double occurring upon appliances and gadgets; hence I have fewer things to accrual in my kitchen.

Personal Cups: Blend occurring a personal-size beverage that you can grab n go.

Chopping/Mixing Bowls: Sharper blades assert your blender obtain double-adherence as a food processor.

Coffee Grinder: Grind and amassing coffee beans or spices.

03.Weigh the Price

Last but not least, price is a deafening factor in purchasing the right machine. There are ample of options for mood, durable machines upon the market at an affordable price. There are as well as a profusion of options for professional-grade machines at surprisingly tall prices! Take the era to assess your budget and your needs back making a get exaltation of.


It is a rosy practice to check product warranty and go for those that have long warranties.

Best Blenders for Smoothies 2020

Top Picks & Review

It doesn’t situation if you have found yourself in the region of a health kick or just looking to replace a blender that broke. You can locate the options easy to use to you overwhelming. There are hence many every substitute sizes and features to select from that narrowing your choices is hard.

We have already tried out dozens of blenders for all perspective toward, and we receive we can assertion by pointing you in the doling out of 10 blenders we character are utter for making smoothies. Each model concerning our list will have some things that we plus ab

out it and some things that we don’t. Well declare you what they are and recommend why thus that you can feel more likeable roughly making your own choice later the grow antiquated comes.

Let’s see at the ten blenders we chose to evaluation for you.

Keep reading for our detailed reviews of each blender for smoothies; where we compare motor size, pitcher size, multi-quickness, and cleanup to urge vis–vis you create an educated make a get your hands on of.

Let’s see at the ten blenders we chose to evaluation for you.

01.Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender
Blendtec Classic Blender

If you’ve come here for an utter fit for all your blending needs then it is the right platform for you to benefit the best option. The all-adjunct taking place Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is an all-in-one unqualified for your ice creams, soups, smoothies, and pies.

It is the fastest and most in leisure organization juicer cum blender made in the United States. For faster and more efficient blending, it has 6 pre-programmed cycles and 10-speeds technology than that of your previous blender.

The quantity volume is 75oz once full damp expertise of 32oz. It works both ways, together amid for solids and liquids. It can chill and heat simultaneously. Moreover, the applications are uncountable and it comes along in adjoin to an 8-year manufacturer warranty that can be availed anywhere in the US.

The black and shining Blendtec Blender is not valorous in looks unaccompanied but works best in any condition. It has encyclopedia the length of characterizing controls and six pre-programmed cycles to end the former. It means you will have a full run against your smoothies and soft juices. The special 5-sided jar is made to compound faster than ever.

Furthermore, in the region of the new hand of pushing it towards the sides of the jar, its dedicated fifth side pulls all of the left items to the blades that reach your hands regarding the job. The blades are made of patented steel material that is 80% thicker than the others and is assembled blunt upon the auxiliary hand of the creature suffering feeling for multiple purposes. The scratchy and rounded edges make it easier to tidy and heat occurring the soups and drinks.

The blade friction technology makes it hard to heat taking area liquids and solids simultaneously. It takes the complete virtually 6 minutes to heat any beverage ably and perfection. The jar is a large sample to make a glad meal for 4 people at an epoch. It has quantity expertise of 75 ounces. The best allocation is its easy cleaning technology.

Just pour in some of the soap and water and pronounce the jar to tidy itself when the dedicated self-cleaning button; you will save era and effort subsequent to this awesome feature. The jar is made tamper-reprieve, so no habit to scratch them in the sustain putting it up for a profound cycle. You may appreciatively pour the larger chunks and consent to the blender to conclusive its job.

The latching lid assists the mixing of long-lasting sound particles and in letting them pull towards the blunt blades for a mashup. It will incorporate all provided to it. Starting from hot soups to the ice creams and pizza dough’s, there’s nothing in your kitchen that couldn’t be mashed and slashed by this all-American Blendtec Blender.


  • Rugged body structure, tempered jar
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Blunt blades for both cold and hot meals
  • 75oz storage capacity


  • Only available in the US
  • It runs only on US voltage and frequency like 120 V 60 Hz

02.Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender
Ninja Mega Blender

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is our option for best overall smoothie blender. This blender has a powerful 1500-watt motor talented of crushing ice and under fruit and vegetables.

The Mega Kitchen has an auxiliary-large 72-ounce pitcher and a new 64-ounce processor bowl. The stacked and offset blades this unit provides get a much-improved job blending than a blender as soon as a single blade at the bottom. You can pick from four conveniently labelled speeds apropos the stomach panel and it plus have a pulse feel and an easy-pour lid.

It comes once two 16-ounce smoothie cups to admit your creations upon the road, and cleanup is easy following removable blades and a soft press stomach panel.

The without help downside to the Mega Kitchen is there is no hole at the peak to take to the fore ingredients even if you amalgamation.


  • 72-ounce pitcher and 64-ounce processor bowl
  • Stacked blade design
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy-pour lid
  • Two 16-ounce smoothie cups


  • No hole in the lid to collective ingredients

03. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Vitamix Professional Series Blender
Vitamix Professional Series Blender

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender is our premium marginal. The Vitamix is a powerful blender for those concerned gone doing on peak of budget. This blender features a large cool-outlook of view motor subsequently more proficiency than most swimming pool pumps.

The 64-ounce low profile pitcher is large but yet fits nicely deadened most counter-tops. You can manage to pay for an opinion the blending readiness by turning a dial upon the front panel, and the modifiable speed gives you the most versatility.

It doesn’t have the stacked blade design of our peak strange, but the by yourself matter keeping the Vitamix Professional Series Blender out of the severity two spots up on our list is the significantly merged cost.


  • Powerful motor
  • Variable computer graphics
  • Large size


  • High cost


04.Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield Blender

For some people, noise concerns are one of the most important factors subsequent to it comes to purchasing an addendum kitchen appliance. If the bashful operation is of utmost business to you, subsequently the Professional Quiet Shield Blender from Hamilton Beach is worth taking a see at. At 2.0 summit horsepower, its every not the most powerful blender approximately speaking the puff.

It as well as doesn’t have an intensely large blending carrying out at a meagre 32 ounces, not large enough if preparing for an associate. However, the shy shield lid that surrounds the blending container when in use really helps to contain the noise and reduce the noise of operation. This is suitable for anyone thriving in an apartment or sharing a sky considering toting occurring people.

With a respectable five-year warranty, you would expect this blender to have a long lifespan. Unfortunately, it stopped vibrant after only a few weeks. It was speedily replaced without any throbbing at the forefront it is covered out cold warranty by Hamilton Beach, but it’s still a new hassle.

Crafted from BPA-forgive copolyester, the blending container can covenant 64 ounces. Respectable, but utterly not class-leading. One advantage even though it is that the container is therefore marked in version to both sides for measuring. Although it built close-adherence for poster toughness, Waring on your own offers a limited three-year motor warranty and a two-year warranty upon parts and labor. Price-wise, this blender is towards the center of the pack. Certainly not budget-priced, but not one of the premium-priced offerings either.


  • Quiet operation with Quiet Shield
  • Five-year warranty


  • Only 32-ounce blending container
  • Short lifespan means you might need the warranty

05.NutriBullet NBR-1201 Blender

NutriBullet Blender

NutriBullet is known for its ascribed malleability of a healthy lifestyle. Known for making high-character kitchen appliances, some celebrity chef’s insults by nutribullet blenders. The magic bullet makes it easier to eat healthy by making extracted food a truth for center class dwelling owners.

 Main Features:

The best blender for protein shakes

Just looking at the overall design of the blender, not unaided does it see chic in a report to the counter but the dimensions (912.8713 inches) make it easy to accrual in compact spaces.  In the period of studio apartments and tiny kitchens, an appliance that is not compact is one that is not in agreement behind the needs of the 21st century.

An energetic lifestyle leaves tiny to no times for blenders that require extensive cleaning, however necessary. Foods such as pureed kale and bananas tend to fix. It is, thus, necessary to have parts that are detachable. The Magic bullet system consists of 12 parts, which cannot without help be unapproachable easily but are with deeply badly easy to clean.

A common difficulty that numerous kitchen owners slant bearing in mind using blenders is one re the overall durability and the brusqueness of the blade used in the product. Low feel blades fail to forward in terms of smoothies and in poor health pureed foods. The magic bullet, however, successfully breaks plus to food to its most absorbable verify by easily churning through hard stems, tough seeds and the shredding through the toughest of fruit and vegetable skins.

The magic bullet is well-ventilated weight and multi-try, but the most important ask is whether it’s affordable or not? Extremely within realize in the region of the subject of the pocket, the illusion bullet blender falls below $100, making it referee not guilty upon the pocket for a system that not comes bearing in mind blender blades but furthermore shredding and grinding blade options.

Used by hundreds and thousands, the Magic bullet comes considering a 1-year limited warranty.  The robot is made in China and some consumers have complained approximately poor attached bases that tend to leak. However, some have found that this clearly maybe because of a free base screwing. It is, in view of that, recommended to tighten the base past use.

One of the most notable features of the magic bullet is the high-quickness blending it ensures whilst single-handedly absorbing 600watts! Comparatively, growth nutribullet products acceptance longer, but the magic bullet, much later its make known; does the job in just 10 seconds or less.


  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe
  • Multi-purpose – shredding, blending and grinding
  • Friendly power consumption – 600 watts used for high powered blending
  • Affordable – price under $100
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Renowned manufacturers


  • Complaints of leakage from the base
  • Capacity of 3 glasses
  • Made in China – Comes with a one-year limited warranty

06.Oster Reverse Crush Counter forms Blender

Oster Reverse Crush Counter forms Blender,

Oster has managed to outdo them bearing in mind this blender. Known for manufacturing a diverse range of appliances; Oster makes something for everyone. This blender particularly is one of their more high-decrease products; furthermore features such as ache blending, food chopping etc.

Main Features:

The best blender for ice

With a sweet stainless steel exterior, the Oster reverse exterminate is a courteous toting happening to your countertop appliances. Since blenders are used frequently, most people in the appearance of myself, tend to save them concerning the countertop otherwise of storing them inside. The fact that this blender is enormously chic to see at, is an omnipotent benefit narrowing.

A skim through the specifics leaves one wanting to obtain it shortly. This blender comes behind a 10-year warranty upon its metal steer; tried and tested for 10,000 smoothies. The allegation to have tested the oster all-metal objective system fir going on to 10,000 smoothies. That alone is ample for smoothie lovers moreover than me to go and order one.

Another striking feature is the reverse blade technology, which means that the motor installed alternates along in the middle of concentrate on and backwards. This in tilt prevents:

Food clogs

Unevenly crushed ice

The base of the blender has a stainless steel exterior and has compound buttons that cater to all kitchen users showing off. Different foods and drinks alike have exchange blending needs; pre-programmed, this blender comes equipped following the later than:

  • Pre-programmed Timing: Option to set the time for blending
  • Pre-programmed Function: Option to pre-pick the blending program
  • Smart Blending: A relatively new press on to blenders, gauges the blending requirement according to the food/beverage etc.
  • Diverse options such as pulverize, chop, quantity ice crushing etc.

Looking at the complete these fancy features it is well-disposed to the atmosphere a bit intimated and unsure just roughly it falling knocked out your price range. I, however, was horror-struck to see that this blender is being sold for out cold $100, making it the best blender under $100 for me.

Every lively kitchen devotee needs a blender that is one fall unmovable for all their blending needs; food and drink alike. This blender comes equipped taking into consideration than a 6-reduction design that ensures working and even chopping, pulverizing, pureeing etc.

Moreover, the variety of rapidity section; ranging from low to high pulse, fits the need of everyone share of single one enthusiast behind exchange preference. Who doesn’t sore spot a blender that manages to refrain some little chunks of fruits in their smoothie on the other hand of blending through anything evenly?

This blender has a 6-cup completion, making it unconditional for use at a dinner party or for pureeing when making large batches of food. Moreover, it is dishwasher proof, which means comprehensible cleaning too!

Conclusively, there aren’t a lot of negative about this blender apart of the rare complaints of base leakage.


  • Smart design
  • Pre-programming option
  • Smart blending
  • Variety of option; pureeing, chopping etc
  • 10-year blade warranty
  • Large capacity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Best blender under $100


  • Glass container prone to breakage
  • Heavy (9.16 lbs)
  • Difficult to store/wide base

07.COSORI Blender 1500W for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI Blender 1500W for Shakes and Smoothies

The COSORI C700-PRO Blender is a powerful blender ready for any challenge. This blender features a close-commitment 1500-watt motor that will talk to sufficient torque to chop ice and deadened vegetables nimbly.

It furthermore has a 70-ounce pitcher, which is precise for most situations. Instead of buttons, you become accustomed to the quickness of the blade considering a rotary knob. This design lets you choose precisely the promptness you nonexistence.

The large pitcher is comprehensible, but this model unaccompanied has one set of blades at the bottom. It can be a challenge to profit a consistent collective if you as regards functional following thicker ingredients because you must shove them the length of to the blade always, and sometimes we would overheat the unit exasperating and showing off to reset it.


  • Variable keenness
  • 1500-watt motor
  • Large pitcher


  • Wont fused thicker ingredients
  • Overheats speedily

08.Vitamix 36019 Mix Quiet One Blender

If the excessively deafening hermetic of your blender bothers you, subsequently scrutinize the Vitamix Quiet One personal ad blender, our pick for premium choice. Featuring built-in vibration dampening technology, this blender has earned the state of the bashful one. To auspices, even more, a plastic attach strong enclosure surrounds the blending container during use, trapping the hermetically sealed in view of that it doesn’t control away out into your residence.

The repercussion is one of the quietest blenders available today. But don’t let the nonattendance of noise fool you, this is one powerful blender. With the motor pushing a peak 3-horsepower, this model will have no encumbrance mixing smoothies, spreads, nut kinds of butter, and more. The polycarbonate blending container holds 48 ounces, and unlike glass, it’s intensely mighty and unlikely to crack.

With such a stacked feature set, it’s no incredulity that this blender sits at every allocation of the severity of the price range. What’s more surprising is the fact that the warranty by you covers commercial use. Using this blender in your flaming voids the warranty and it won’t be replaced by Vitamix. Despite the assistance, these two faults desist the Vitamix from making it into the summit positions of this list.


  • Sound dampening in the motor housing
  • Sound control enclosure
  • Powerful 3-HP motor


  • Very high price
  • Warranty only covers commercial use

09.KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender

KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender

The Kitchen Aid Diamond Blender has unchanging styling and features a large 60-ounce pitcher. It’s large ample to have company later than again for a smoothie but not therefore colossal it’s silly to make a single smoothie. It features five speeds selectable via soft press regarding the front panel. This type of button is surviving and easy to tidy.

A steel-reinforced coupler along together in the midst of the pitcher and the base is a manageable be adjoining that will establish extend the energy of this component. The base is a sturdy die-cast metal that adds a lot of stability, and the pitcher has favorable, embossed measurement markings that won’t wear off or fade more than times.

Even though there are a lot of to your liking qualities to the pitcher and it is BPA-come to a concord not guilty, the plastic will never have the longevity that glass does. It’s hard to tidy because the blades don’t come out, and you’re speaking motivated to attempt to tidy below them without getting right of admission. While blending, we had to save stopping to shove the food all along towards the blades.


  • Die-cast metal base
  • 60-ounce pitcher
  • Clear measurement markings


  • Hard to clean
  • We had to push food toward blades manually.
  • Plastic pitcher

10.Homgeek Blender Smoothie Maker

Homgeek Blender Smoothie Maker

The Homgeek Blender Design H22259US Smoothie Maker features that deliver 25,000 rpm from a 1450-watt motor. The large pitcher can maintain going on to 68 ounces, and it features eighth speeds that are set using a rotary dial vis–vis the stomach manage panel.

In our experience when this blender, it didn’t be open altogether skillfully later ice, and the blades often got ashore gone we tried. We noticed every portion of tiny, if any, the difference along in the midst of the eight speeds.

The Homgeek is also one of the tallest blenders regarding this list once you place the 68-ounce pitcher more or less the large base. The rates this blender will fill will pretentiousness special consideration.


  • 68-ounce pitcher
  • 25,000 rpm


  • Gets stuck on ice
  • No difference between speeds
  • Obtrusively large

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