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American cuisine is not exactly a kitchen famous for its gourmet notes, but it has undoubtedly managed to enter every part of the world with its most popular recipes. For this reason today we want to show you America’s Test Kitchen Recipes

, which you will certainly enjoy.

Iconic dishes like hamburgers, barbecued pork ribs or New York Cheesecake are so popular that we all eat them frequently both at home and when we eat out. That is why we are sure that you will love our selection of recipes for Made in USA dishes.

1. BBQ Ribs or BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs or BBQ Ribs

Baked pork ribs in the American style, or also made on the barbecue, are a classic of American cuisine. We love this recipe that is eaten with your hands and we have prepared them in a thousand and one ways Direct to the Palate. This is my favorite recipe, that of my New York friend Marco who showed me his definitive recipe for making BBQ Ribs New York

2.The Always Appetizing Burgers

Learning how to make homemade burgers can change your mind about this classic American cuisine dish. Homemade rolls, meat just made your point and many ideas for the garrison, are the keys. Then, let your imagination run wild and prepare them with your personal style.

3.Spaghetti with Meatballs or Spaghetti Meat Ball

The spaghetti and meatballs are a kind of American version of spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, a dish that combines spicy meat, tomato and long pasta. In this case it is a recipe that the meat is cooked in the oven and placed with the sauce on the spaghetti. Do not stop trying it.

4.Macaroni and Cheese, the Famous Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese au gratin Americans love and it is not surprising because although it is a very caloric and energetic recipe, it is a delicious and full of flavor dish, which we can eat if we reserve it for special occasions. Here you have the genuine Mac & Cheddar recipe published by the colleagues at Lifestyle Jacks.

5. Buffalo-Style Wings

Buffalo-style wings

One of the foolproof dishes for gathering with friends is the Buffalo-style spicy chicken wings. In this recipe we prepare them in the oven to reduce the “fried moment” and they were equally delicious but with much less fat. Have you ever done them at home?

6.The always Delicious Brownies

The always delicious brownies

Brownies are chocolate candies that are cooked in the oven leaving the center on the border between cooked and uncooked. Thus we get some crunchy sweets on the outside, with a texture similar to that of a sponge cake on the inside and with an almost creamy center.

We’ve made quite a few brownie recipes over the years at Direct to the Palate. This recipe for double chocolate brownies or Katharine Hepburn’s brownies is really delicious. You can also make the recipe for the healthiest brownie in the world , lactose free, wheat gluten free, and egg free.

7. A Breakfast Classic, Bagels

A breakfast classic, bagels

These “donuts” that do not finish getting into our customs, are a classic in the United States. Americans love fruit and cheese bagels , or have even made bagel-pizzas or bagel burgers, taking advantage of the bun’s texture that makes it suitable for almost any type of food.

8.The American Cabbage or Coleslaw Salad

The American cole slaw or coleslaw is the perfect side dish for almost all American beef recipes. With ribs, wings or hamburgers, it is always enjoyed with this easy salad recipe with a sweet flavor .

9.The Popular Hot Dogs

Who has never eaten a hot dog or hot dog , at least with ketchup and mustard? From classic Frankfurt-style sausage fillings and little else, to those packed with condiments and sauces, hot dogs are cheap, and popular.

If you want to make them at home, here is the recipe for hot dogs , and if you want to make them more historical, you can try these amazing hot dogs wrapped in Baby puff pastry and more .

10.Chili Con Carne

Chili con carne

Although this recipe is for many a recipe of Mexican origin, it is actually common to the border area of ​​both countries, so we could consider it as an American Tex-Mex recipe.

It is a spicy stew with minced meat , hot chili peppers and beans, a classic stew from the time of the conquest of the West that lasts today as a genuinely American dish. Here is the recipe to prepare it.

11.The Caesar Salad

This salad with its own name, originating in Mexico, was created by Chef Cesar Cardini. However, despite its Mexican origin, it is considered one of the classic American recipes for its use in most of the restaurants in the United States.

Since we really like Caesar salad, we have made it in the traditional way , like a pasta salad and even in a hamburger format. It is a green leafy salad accompanied by roasted chicken, bread croutons and a delicious sauce that takes its name from the salad itself.

12. Carrot Cake or American Carrot Cake

This dessert of British origin was brought to the United States by emigrants, as Esther tells us in the authentic recipe for American carrot cake. . It is a cake or cake recipe, with a moist texture and the intense sweet taste of carrots. It is traditional to present it covered with a glaze or special coverage that gives it its special touch.

13.The most Appetizing Dessert, the Cheesecake or New York Cheese Cake

The baked cheesecake or New York Cheesecake is perhaps the best of American recipes and that’s why I’ve left it to finish this list. From the most classic recipe to the 13 most innovative cheesecake recipes with a special touch , I declare myself deeply addicted to this dessert, which with its soft texture and a slight sweet touch is my favorite .

In addition to these thirteen recipes, we could talk about American tomato soup, its Thanksgiving turkey , muffins, cupcakes, apple or blackberry tarts and so many other American creations that have spread throughout the world and that – almost without realizing it – we have incorporated into our diet.

Surely after having seen these 13 best recipes for American dishes, recipes made in the USA , you are already salivating and wanting to bring some of these appetizing dishes to your table. I will start with the ribs, which fall safely this weekend. And you, would you recommend in comments some other American

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